The CSPI Career test

The Career Selection and Purpose Inventory (CSPI) is a psychometrically reliable tool that aids in self-discovery to complete the process of selecting a career and finding individual purpose in life. The CSPI indicates that a person’s traits reflect a tendency toward two career clusters, from which careers can be selected.

The CSPI traits include: personality, the qualities associated with career expectations; interests, which represent passion to accomplish career tasks; abilities, the natural gifts or talents necessary for excellence in the performance of specific tasks to advance career success; and academic prowess, the innate ability to excel in subject areas in harmony with the other traits identified. Further, inherent in this inventory is the fundamental concept that God orchestrates the opportunities a person is given, the views of other people, and the circumstances of life in a specific direction, all in accordance with the traits identified.

Time of Test Completion. The estimated time for completion of this inventory is 20-30 minutes.

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