the career selection and purpose inventory (CSPI)

The CSPI is to help you discover your personality style, interests, talents and abilities, and then match them with what you already know – your academic performance, opportunities you were given to do specific things, the views of other people and the circumstances of life – to complete the process of selecting your career and finding your purpose.

The CSPI proposes that your personality, interests, talents and abilities, and academic performance reflect a tendency toward two Career Clusters, from which careers can be selected. This inventory further proposes the concept that God orchestrates the opportunities you are given, the views of other people and the circumstances of life in a specific direction, which is in harmony with the other areas of the test.

The CSPI is divided into two sections. Section I is to assist you in selecting a career. It has seven (7) categories:

  • Personality
  • Interests
  • Talents and Abilities
  • Academic Performance
  • Opportunities
  • Views of Other People
  • Circumstances

The CSPI has six (6) groups which represent Career Clusters in:

  • Business
  • Natural Science
  • Social Science
  • Language and The Arts
  • Vocational (Industrial Arts, Home Economics, Beauty Culture)
  • Secretarial 

An activity at the end of Section I will help you discover areas for personal development.

The intent of Section II is to help you find your purpose after you have discovered your personality, interests, talents and abilities, analyzed your academic performance, and selected your careers. It accomplishes the task by guiding you through the recognition of your passion and desire, and the formulation of your statement of purpose.

At the end of the CSPI is a Career Index which would assist you in identifying your career path (from your Career Cluster). It will help you recognize the kind of careers that fall in each of the six Career Clusters. The goal is for you to be able to place other career options in the relevant clusters as you make an educated career choice.

Test Participants fall into TWO categories:

#1 – Persons who have no job experience. These include students in Grades 10-12 or Forms 3-6, and some in college. Here, adolescents may omit two of the seven categories in Section I – Opportunities and Circumstances – and complete ALL of Section II.

  • Students in this category would need the assistance of a career counselor, especially for test interpretation.
  • This test should be repeated every year for the next two or three years.

#2 – Persons who have experience in the world of work, whether voluntary or paid. Here, students who did part- time jobs are included. ALL of Sections I and II are to be completed.



  1. Follow the directions given at the start of EACH category
  2. Complete the first four categories of Section I.
  3. Complete the Group Five scoring (after Academic Performance) for sub-group selection. The result would be used to complete the last three categories, as well as scoring of the test.
  4. Complete the last three categories, of which two are optional, as explained above under test participants.
  5. Complete the scoring at the end of Section I.
  6. Interpret your scores in Section I, follow the guidelines for selecting a career, discover areas for personal development, check your values and determine the training and education needed for your career choice.
  7. Complete Section II from the information discovered in Section I.


Time of Test Completion

The estimated time for completion of this inventory is thirty to sixty (20-30) minutes.


An Important Note

If you have any difficulty in selecting your career, interpreting your scores, or finding your purpose, see your Career Counselor.



Complete the CSPI to help you make important career decisions